The Creator Returns

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I welcome my return to WordPress with an image of where I choose to live and words that I choose to write. I am an advocate for freedom of speech and creativity which I believe are fundamental human rights.  It has been well over a year since I wrote a blog here. What have I been doing? Writing a trilogy, which has been helping me to combat my demons and discover who I can be! It had taken over my life, so I have chosen to lay it to rest for the time being and get back into the realms of Joy Andrews!

I have been writing  poetry  and have also taken up photography from an uneducated hobbyist stance. I do this to help me appreciate all the beauty that surrounds me.

I have been busy working very spiritually also and am currently re-training my brain.  It’s quite ancient and like a fish out of water, it needs to evolve, so watch this space! I shall be writing extensively about my mid life adventures in the wonderland that is life!

I work closely with the Infinite Intelligence and Divine Providence, so expect much fun and jollity!

My journey has been incredible.  I would like to say I have been enlightened, but alas, I do not wish to belong to The Enlightenment Movement. That began in the 17th Century, which means it is outdated, like so many other movements/societies/belief systems are.

I have entered The Age of Joy.  50 Years Old in 13 days and counting.

Watch this space as my journey continues.

I’m a writer not a fighter. This is where I choose to live!

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