The Devil Makes Work For Idol Hands!

Satan Is One Of Gods Angels

I am always amazed at how people speak of the Devil without giving God a mention beforehand. God is the Almighty after all. I mean, come on people, Satan is one of his angels! God is the almighty and can take care of his angels…he does have every one of them under His control! Give God some Grace for goodness sake! It seems that people have no faith in his almighty powers of being God The Almighty!

I’m not religious and never will be, however, I am very spiritual. I was watching a woman who preaches about her interpretations from the bible this morning and my thought was how ‘the devil definitely makes work for idol hands’!  The woman was complaining about how busy she was and how she finds it difficult to remain focussed due to distractions from information and advertising etc.  She then called this the Devils work and how his advertising is everywhere, then proceeded to advertise her products!  I can not be doing with hypocrites!

I was then reminded what Jesus said about idol worship, Exodus 20:1-15

I was rather perplexed hearing how this person had so many worshippers in the audience, who listened to her CD’s, public speeches, read all her books and watched her regularly on TV.

I think they may of stopped listening to God, which is not going to help  him to remain a happy chappy! I was also left wondering if they all went shopping on a Sunday?

It most certainly is a funny ol world! Testing, testing…1..2..3!

Guardian Angel Gabriel Spiritual Workshop by Joy Andrews


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