Divine Trials and Awards

Joy’s My Name; Spirituality Is My Game!

Honestly….you couldn’t make my life up! I  have recently been given salvation, exoneration, found innocent of all life challenging charges from the highest judge known to man…yes..God The Almighty. He gave a courtious and gracious smile and wink, when proving me innocent of all charges I have received, which were mainly being a Heart Breaking Bitch, Ice Queen, Wicked Witch and far to many other petty names to mention! Who cares anyway?

I’ve  been blessed many times and had lots of interesting and fun conversations with God and my Guardian Angels! I never asked for any of these Holy Gifts, achievenments/awards,…however, I will always be truly thankful… Amen.

I have also been rewarded with the gift of prudence and knowledge that I will never be judged by God or the Lord ever again. I am without doubt teachers pet.  I can reassure you that I did not take my Holy Teacher an apple to class for this to happen, that would of raised too many eyebrows! Apparently this most Holy Award I have been blessed with, is because I Dare to be ME! Hallelujah…sayeth me and God.  Exhale slowly and my life will always prevail!

Who AM I?..I am mostly joyful when writing, quite mischievous fun seeking soul, enjoying some dancing, music and some interplanetary geeking…soooo…Thank God…I AM Me!  😀

Self awareness is often the key to opening up many doors of opportunity.

Anyhoo…onwards and ever upwards!   Yay!

Guardian Angel Gabriel Spiritual Workshop by Joy Andrews


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