Minding My P’s & Q’s

Love Is A Four Letter Word

The planet evolves and Love makes the world go around.  Telling every human being I meet that I Love them however, is not a good idea! They might get the wrong idea!

It is wise to know who to Love and who not too! It is much wiser to know who to trust and who not too! Saying ‘I Trust You’ is a higher praise than saying ‘I Love You’ in my opinion. Love is easy to do, trusting another person is a far greater challenge. People must earn their trust, which can take some time to achieve, even whilst gaining a small percentage of Love.  I remember one of my Supervisors, (when I was a practising Counsellor) saying “never trust anyone 100%, always keep some benign scepticism in your back pocket”!

I now understand what she meant by this. I now have a new philosophy, my giving Love to any person I meet will be based on evidence they deserve it and I will trust every person 100% to make mistakes. It just depends on the severity of mistake whether I Love or keep them in my circle of friends/family/companions or not!

These words of wisdom, were given to me by my loving and trustworthy Guardian Angel Gabriel.

My Spiritual Workshop by Joy Andrews


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