War…Huh…What Is It Good For?

War and Peace

My friend hates war! I do too! So, why does it happen and what is it good for? I can not find a good reason why war needs to happen! It doesn’t. The bloodshed of any human being, especially women and children, is not the answer to any problem, as the consequences will always be dire! Ancient wars were more civilised when kept on a designated battle field, this ensured that no women and children were physically harmed or killed.

Once war is removed from any battle field (boys will be boys..what can you do?) Divine Providence steps in with a giant footstep for the greater good of ALL mankind!

I have regular discussions with Arch Angel Gabriel, he helps me to reflect and consider all of lifes challenges and he informs me there are always alternatives! A problem is a solution waiting to happen!

Love is the key…however, many people interpret Love the way they want to interpret it and/or then inflict their interpretations of Love onto others. I remain Free and tenacious in what Love I find acceptable and tolerable! Love is…

My Spiritual Workshop by Joy Andrews


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