God Is A Mentalist!

The Infinite Intelligence recommends you EXPRESS YOURSELF!!!

Having had many conversations with the Infinite Intelligence, I have met my creator on many levels. Some good, some bad, some happy, some mad! Oh how he and his  son Jesus likes to put me to the test! You see, the creator has been around the Universe for millions of years!  Task Master at his most powerful and gentile giant at his most vulnerable!

Even the energy of Infinite Intelligence gets cross, sad, happy and mad! So, his Infinite Intelligence has put me to the test on many occasions. All he wants to do is to get me back home and become the person I was born to be. In essence, very talented, successful and to communicate with immediacy, but rationally and to see the world in a different Light! I was a Polly Anna at one time. Rose tinted glasses and categorizing/labelling Good and Evil far too easily.

I did become quite extreme in my opinions and words, which did worry me. I was simply not myself, following a few incidents beyond my control. Acts of God or not, they made me someone I am not. Boy did I Roar!  I have never roared so much in my life! Maybe I should have done? Primal Screaming is a cathartic release, but directed at an empty chair, rather than at some person who does or does not deserve it, is not good for my soul, because it haunts me. They became my demons!

So the Infinite Intelligence gave me space to rant and rage and to then write it down.  You see, the pen is much mightier than the sword! 

I have got many books inside of me, following my Spiritual Journey, which began when I trained as a Reiki Healer. You couldn’t ballywell make it up!

So expressing ourselves is good and putting love to the test is also good!  It’s All Good. I will never accept second best! It is my time to Shine! 😉

The Infinite Intelligence we all call God, Is A Mentalist and a DJ! The energy of infinity moves in mysterious ways!

Written by Joy Andrews


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