God IS A DJ – Music Is Love

God Sends Music Therapy To The World

The Lord God moves in mysterious ways. “I am The Lord Of The Dance” said he! God asks questions!

Evolution is Gods Test on Mankind!

Infinity is Gods name! Infinity is Gods Game!

God needs both spiritual and scientific evidence that Love exists in the world, from every person!

Gods Infinite Intelligence tests every person and every Nation! Gods Divine Providence Sings!

You see God really is A DJ. God asks why are so many people Faithless?

Love is the fuel of the Infinite Intelligence! God is Love and makes the world go round!

God will always test the worlds faith in each other and him to Infinity and Beyond!

God is The Creator and comes in many shapes and forms!

God Needs Music Therapy too!

God Is A DJ. The world was created for a reason! Universal symbiosis is the reason!

The heart of God is in the Eco System. Everything happens for a reason! Everything is Symbiotic! God loves all things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small.

God observes with his associates!  God et al sing to the world!

God is very specific in what he wants.

God Is In The Detail.

Gods Love Is Fragile! The Univeral Laws Of The Infinite Intelligence are the Divine Providence!


Happy Sunday. Peace and Love. 🙂


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