The Interstellar Policeman – Arch Angel Gabriel

The Messenger

Demonic worshippers

It’s time to take flight

For those who summon demons

To put up a fight

To torment and torture

My spirit and soul

You will be looking down an extremely large hole

Be told these are the words of God and The Lord

The pen is so much mightier than that of the sword

A message to all demons and evil

Be told

The Lord God Almighty

His acts of God are going to scold

It’s par for the course

With Gods almighty force

The Lord is fed up with demonic behaviours

Each and every one of Gods Angels

Are no longer your saviours

Arch Angel Gabriel gives an almighty wave

The Interstellar Policeman

Does not want to save!

My Pen, My Story, All My Angels, All My Glory…so sayeth God!

Game Over Boys! 😉


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