Unconditional Infinite Love – Fact or Fiction?

The Journey of Spiritual Awakening. 

Having had another conversation with the Infinite Intelligence, that I now know and understand is that which we call God, The Lord was his son, I was overwhelmed by his hypothesis on Unconditional Love. He informed me that his way is the way of the Infinite Intelligence of spiritual energy and that of the universe. He showed me how, because I am who I am, basically a person who struggles with war and anything nasty, I need to understand that is how the Infinite Intelligence works in order to create Peace and Harmony from within. Peace on earth will not be accomplished until every person understands that! Tragedy will always occur until every human being understands this very basic concept!

God. Everything happens for a reason and some of the things you see or hear on the news upsets you and depresses you. It brings me sorrow that you get upset by my actions. You see, it has always been the case that Vengence Is The Lords and that will always be the case. You need to understand this. My concern is that you will stop loving me if you see things or things happen (Natural Disasters – Acts of God) that upset you. I will not destroy you or any person you love and will never let any other person destroy you or them, but loss is inevitable. It will happen eventually and I wouldn’t want you to stop loving me or hate me because of it. You need to understand that people you love will eventually leave you, so you have to learn to let them go, with grace and knowledge that they will always be by your side. Forgiveness is a difficult concept when you suffer great pain. I understand this fully. But you must understand that I will never abandon you. You are the Daughter of God and you must have faith and listen to your intuition – my words – they are exceptionally powerful and saved your life in a head on car crash. You listened then, so listen every time you know that something isn’t right or feels strange!  You must only walk towards the positivity and the light. Darkness is all around you. You must listen to me. I have only Love for you and that is a fact! You have felt my energy, you have heard your demons, you know that I will always combat them. God,  the voice of the Infinite Intelligence, will always be triumphant! Have No Fear, I am the resurrection and I am inside you. Energy can not be destroyed and it does have a voice. Every human being speaks and every human being is nothing but energy being transported in the vessel we call the human body. 😉

Joy. It is incredible and I am in awe of your power. Thank you so very much for all that you have taught me thus far! I Love You will all of my heart and soul. 🙂

God. My humble pleasure Joy. You are worth it! 😀


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