Interview With God (Part 4) Free Will

Lead us not into temptation

God. Good morning Joy. Thank you for taking time to hear my words once more. What is the greatest temptation of all?  It is indeed to rob a person of their Free Will. The mind is complex, the world is complex, everything and every person around us is a ‘sin’ in disguise.  Who or what really decides what is right or wrong? Well, the answer is quite clear. It is ourselves who decide.  The path to spiritual awakening is long and very laborious, however, having a spiritual awakening inflicted upon any person by means of Spiritual Warfare, is in my humblest opinion the greatest sin of all. If your instincts are telling you not to do something or go somewhere, why do you do it? Why listen in times of crisis, but not in times of Peace?

Joy. Good morning God. Thank you for listening. Does robbing a person of their Free Will mean not to help any person who is suffering in any way? Does this mean that any person should have the right to do what they want to do, in order to learn by their mistakes. As long as they are not murdering or harming a person in any way, does a person have a right to walk away from any person or situation they are not happy with?

God. Yes indeed they do. This is Free Will. You can accept that a person in your presence is not the energy you wish to be surrounded by. That is your Free Will. If the person then continues to inflict their energy onto you, this is in fact inhumane and unforgivable in the eyes of both the Lord and God, his father!  I have observed much of this recently with you. It makes me very unhappy. No Religion or Faith has the right to inflict their opinions on to another human being. It is the choice of the individual to either stay or walk away. If you walked passed a book store and every Religion was stood outside threatening you with weapons or verbally to buy their book, read it and believe every word, this is unacceptable in my opinion and I will act accordingly to those who choose to work in this way!

Joy. Thank you very much God. I have experienced much on my spiritual journey and have remained true to your words when you asked me to Be Calm. Be Free and to Believe You. I have Loved as you asked and I have Accepted as you asked. I have also remained Free as you asked.  This has been my greatest challenge, because it seems the world at large, does not want any one person to be Free. In my observations it seems you have only 3 choices in life. 1. Become Religious in worship. 2. Be a member of Satanic worship. 3. Be Scientific. They seem to be the only acceptable ‘In Groups’.  There has also been ‘7 Deadly Sins’ inflicted on a human soul, I find it quite ironic that they all seem to meet the criteria of the celebrations involved in the Christmas Holiday season or many other such festivities!

God. Yes. I agree. Your powers of observation are astute and wise. That made me chuckle! They were not my words. I said there would be many false prophets and I will always be triumphant. In my opinion every person has the right to eat, drink and be merry. That is their choice and a divine choice. They just have to suffer the consequences of over indulgence or any other actions as it will affect their lives in one way shape or form. The only sin in my world is War and the removal of Free Will. The 10 commandments spells it out quite clearly. The universe will act upon those who choose War either Spiritual or Physical over Peace and Love. I will not tolerate either. At the end of the day Joy, it is my choice who I choose to verbalise my words and you have been chosen. If others have a problem with this, then they will feel my wrath. Pure and simple! So, I will repeat myself once again. Be Calm. Be Free and Believe Me. If you become agitated or angry in any way, just call me and we shall talk! It will be demonic spirits that have been inflicted upon you by others. I have been watching them closely. I will do some cleansing for you and we can have a giggle about the state of every nation. The world is definitely a crazy demonic place full of crazy demonic people! The Infinite Intelligence of the universe will act accordingly to correct it! That’s the way I act! The world is a stage and we all have a role to play in it. However, mine is obviously centre stage and I will always take the lead, every second of every day in every way! That’s my job! Thank you once again for hearing my words and writing them down. You will be writing for the rest of your very long and fruitful life, which keeps me very happy. Your books will be best sellers. I know this, because I am God and what I say is the Word! 🙂

Joy. Thank you so much for your wisdom and reassurance once again God. You help to put a smile on my face. I have some good news for you God. I just stood by my window and saw a beautiful Robin perched on the fence. I thought of the Robin last night before I went to sleep and he appeared today. 🙂

God. This made me smile Joy, as you waved to him and said hello and told him how beautiful he was. I told you that I would be showing you some signs to reassure you of my words. 🙂 I now wish you to play two of our favourite tunes that we listen to regularly. You know what they are! I am The Lord of the dance, remember! Have another wonderfully enlightened day!

Interview With (God Part 4) Written by Joy Andrews


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