Be Yourself

I Am All That I Am

I am unique

I was born to be me

Daring to be different

Nobody else, just me

To be me is to see

Why God created thee

To be who you are

Fight or flight

No need to flee

My fingerprints decide

I am all that was meant to be

Just little old me

I shall not compete

To be like somebody else

Why would I do that

Such a reckless feat

I appreciate and love

All that I am

And the love I deserve

Is from a similar man

Not in the in crowd

Nor any other you see

Individuality is the key

No deceit, no receipt

Do not expect otherwise

I am who I am

Always quirky

Sometimes a bitch

Sometimes sweet

I am what I am

I am Joy

That is how I greet

You lose some

You win some

There is no one

Quite like me!

Be Yourself Poetry In Motion


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