An Interview With God (Part 2)

Driving Home For Christmas

An early start to the day this Monday which is a month exactly to Christmas Day. I had an early night and woke up feeling thoughtful. Two cups of Earl Grey to help to receive some contemplative and reflective questions to God. We do love to chat early in the morning. We chat most of the day at the moment, so much to sort out – wheat from chafe actions!

Joy. Dear God. I feel so privileged to have your undivided attention.

God. The privilege is all mine Joy. You make me smile and your chats are always a great way to begin a day.  You are exactly what your name dictates…you are a Joy.  We have much to discuss. We have much to learn and discover together. It’s been a while since I had such a lengthy discussion with somebody as much as I do with you.  I feel your presence in the world more than any other. You are a quintessential, amazing and wonderful woman to speak with. I enjoy speaking with you very much. My reasons are as follows.

1. You hate war.

2. Politics go over your head.

3. You adore nature.

4. You are exceptionally brave and constantly inquisitive.

5. You love to dance.

6. You love music.

7. You always question me.

8. You make me laugh.

9. You are and always have been quirky.

10. Because I love you.

God. Joy. The message I have for you this morning is in relation to the darkness that surrounds you. We want you to know that we are going to take great care of you. We want to help you understand how the darkness works. It is a powerful force, but it is nowhere near as powerful as we are. Collectively the Power of my Love is far greater than any darkness. How to compare it is like this. Imagine you are in a playground surrounded by bullies. There are only 5 bullies, but there are billions and billions of You. That is how powerful I am in comparison to the darkness. There are only 5 of them but billions and billions of You.  You are the Daughter of God. You are far more powerful than you can ever imagine. You must connect with and remain connected with your power of Love. Everything I ask you to stop doing is for your own good. It is not to imprison or entrap you, it is to deliver you to all the rewards that you shall receive and you will receive them very soon. I will not order you to do anything anymore, as you do not follow orders, so I am going to be more metaphorical with you. I asked you to stop smoking as I do not like it. It is not good for you or I.  Dark thoughts that have been sent to you are not worthy of listening to. I will explain it as the above. You have only 5 dark thoughts, but there are billions and billions of loving and intelligent thoughts in your mind. Ignore the 5 dark thoughts and listen to the billions and billions of wonderfully bright and magnificent thoughts ready for you to capture. Today you are unwell, you have been subject to Spiritual Warfare. I am going to take care of the perpetrators. You would of heard Acts Of God, that is how they will be dealt with. This is my universal act of Cause and Effect. So be rest assured that all will be well with you. I ask of you once again to Be Calm. Be Free and Believe Me and Love.

Joy. Thank you very much God. I do appreciate all the wisdom that you endow me. I shall listen intently only to your loving and often humurous messages. I shall ignore all dark and negative messages from now on. I will be connecting with the power that you have given to me. Thank you once again.

God. I have given you the power for a reason. The reason is that you are a woman and have been subject to bullying from cowardly men throughout your life. This is about to stop. Trust me! The most worldly celebrated party is about to commence. It is the celebration of the birth of my son Jesus Christ who, was murdered. He was a kind, gentle man and all he was given was the voice of his Father. He is the most celebrated human being known to mankind. His name is in every country and his birth is celebrated throughout the world. It is only his name and birthday that is celebrated world wide. Jesus Christ is the Son of God and you Joy Andrews are the Daughter of God. So many people mention the term ‘Holy War’. I am speaking with you now and confirming that they do not exist. No war that is undertaken is Holy. No war is Holy. You are not involved in any Holy or unHoly Wars, because you my child are a Divine Spirit. No Darkness shall win. God will always be triumphant.

Joy. I thank you once again God for your support and guidance. I feel poorly with a cough and cold and know that this will soon pass.

God. You have much work to do. You have had your calling. I have asked for you to write books and write books you shall. I insist. 🙂


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