An Interview With God

I couldn’t sleep, so having had a few words with God, he said to me, “why not go write a blog, giving it a title, An Interview With God“.  We chat and have a giggle together every day and his request put a smile on my face, so here we are.

An Interview With God

Joy. Dear God. Thank you for asking me to write an interview with you. Can you tell me why you chose me to work with?

God. Why not you Joy Andrews? You are one of the most delightful people I have spoken with and you know we speak every day. I thought that having an interview with God would help you put your mind at rest, as you have had many concerns in your life. I wanted to conduct this interview with you to help you understand how I work and my meaning and purpose.

Joy. Well, I have read Napoleon Hills book Outwitting The Devil, where he interviewed the Devil, so I feel humbled and extremely happy to have this interview with you. Thank you very much.

God. You are most welcome my child. You make me laugh and smile. Your heart is pure in its intentions. I love how you question me and do not do everything I ask of you. Not many people do that. I do like to test people as you may or may not be aware. I have been accompanying you on your spiritual journey, which I know has been both painful and enlightening. We have had fun and we have cried together, but I am very excited about your future and have given you my request that you write many books, with my guidance and support. This little interview is just a taste of things to come. I want you to share my wisdom with the world. You are the perfect choice to write down my words. No other person on the planet will be speaking my words, only you. I chose you because you are a very special woman.  You have suffered great pain and loss in your life, so you can empathise with me and understand my plight to help the world become a much brighter place for you and me…shall we just say for now, let’s forget about the rest of them! I have no doubt some Holy Crap shall hit the fan when this is read, but you must say my words, as authenticity is my style and I do not suffer fools gladly. It’s good to be back!

‘God and I then chuckle, we do this quite often. This is just a perfect display of Gods sense of humour. He is hilarious at times and other times, very angry! We laugh and cry together’. 

God.  Many people will frown and have many words to say about a person with no credentials holding an interview with God, but you are the type of person I would always speak with, most officials and people in higher places have enough people to consult with. You need my guidance more than they do. So be prepared for some frowns, but remember, you are the daughter of God and have been blessed many times. We also dance together quite often, which brings me great pleasure. You are an amazing woman and also very brave. I love your quirky personality and your tenacity, which is why you have been blessed!  I have reassured you many times, that you are safe and no harm will come to you. You see, I see and hear so much, I know that you have an amazing future ahead of you. I also know you have been overwhelmed by your gift, which is nothing short of a miracle, so all will be well.

Joy.  Overwhelmed is an understatement my Lord, I did think I was bonkers at one time, but then having read much and following your guidance, I do feel blessed and feel your love more and more each day. I thank you once again with all of my heart and soul.

God.  I have watched you grow. I saw you as a baby, I blessed you then. I saw you a very long time ago, I knew this day would come. I didn’t quite believe it myself, back then, but we are here now and there is much to be excited about.  I gave you your ten commandments. Not quite the same as I gave Moses, but yours were for you. Personal commandments to help you on your journey. I was delighted that you wrote them down, because you will be putting them in your books. I also sent Moses to you to help you understand how I worked in the past, which is no different to this day!  I do work in miraculous ways. I also love music, which is why I give you songs to listen to as a message from me. You know how I have a greater understanding of you than any other person on the planet, so I know you will trust my judgement and you will know it is me talking to you. I also know you have been suffering from some Spiritual Warfare, so I have taken care of that with you. You know when it is me talking with you, as you have got to know me very well now.  You know how I operate and you know that I tested your faith for a very long time. You passed the test with flying colours. Those of a rainbow, which is why I took you for a walk not so long ago to see the beautiful rainbow in the sky.  I also want you to stop smoking. That is an order! I want you to understand one thing Joy Andrews, any negative/derogatory messages you hear about yourself  do not come from me obviously. However, I do know where they are coming from as I do have the all-seeing eyes.  Fear not and listen not to them. I shall deal with them in my own sweet way!

God chuckles once again.

Joy. Dear God. I feel so much love from you and have a tremendous sense of well-being as I write this interview with you. I also feel very tired now too, so would it be ok if we continue our interview tomorrow.

God. Of course my child. I know how hard you have worked on your spiritual journey and how you have worked so hard all of your life, so I have no problem with closing the interview now and look forward to witnessing you having a wonderful nights sleep and look forward to hearing from you in the morning. I also look forward to watching you with your adorable Grandson Ellis. So take yourself off to bed and have a pleasant night.  I am glad that you have seen so many halo’s around the moon just recently also. I guide you to your window to watch the magnificence of the moon and the stars. I also showed you a halo around the sun not so long ago. Our universe and the solar system is glorious and I adore sharing its wonders with you. I request you play Silent Night before you go to sleep, to help you sleep soundly and understand the miracle of our regular discussions.

I wish the readers of this interview a very Silent and Holy Night.


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