Environmentally Friendly

Mother Nature is the Question?

Being a Mother and a Grandmother, of course I am concerned about the current state of the Planet, we all call home. I have thought of some pertinent questions to ask those in the know! They are as follows…

If you had a bulldozer, would you sit in the driving seat and demolish your own home?

Would you like to swim in a swimming pool, full of toxic waste and rubbish?

Would you like to give birth to your newborn baby, in a birthing pool of toxic waste and rubbish?

Would you like to eat food, that is sprayed with toxic chemicals all day, every day not being able to wash it?

Would you like your family to sit in a bubble of contaminated air, all day, every day?

Would you like your whole community destroyed and replaced with swarms of hornets?

Would you like to sit on a small plot of ice, that used to be vast and have to swim for miles with your baby for food?

Do you look forward to more extreme weather conditions in relation to global warming?

Having a creatively expressive rant, is such a great cathartic release.

I believe if we create and focus on any demon, considering the Universal Law of Attraction, we shall without doubt attract a monster, such as extreme weather or maybe even a meteor from outer space!

Mother Nature sings too…


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