Monday Philosophical Question Time

Monday Morning Philosophy

Feeling philosophical this morning, I am sat writing this blog, asking some ancient and some of my own present day questions…

“What is the meaning of life”?

“Why are we here”?

“What did happen in the beginning”?

“Are we alone”?

“Was Jesus from another world”?

“Why do grown men and women use spiritual warfare”?

“Who would be the first to push the ‘destroy mankind’ button”?

“Are all of the angels intergalactic warriors”?

“If a thought in your head told you to stand in a bucket of shit and whistle, would you do it”?

“Why does mankind try and tamper with universal energies/force”?

“If an alien came to earth, would they really want to be taken to the world leaders”?

“What would the Infinite Intelligence make of what is happening to Planet Earth”?

“Mankind having exploded many nuclear bombs, are the radioactive particles still in the atmosphere”?

“Where is the Infinite Intelligence of evolution taking mankind now”?

“What is the root of all that is Evil – Religion, Money, Power, Sex, Men, Women, Drugs”?

“Who/what navigates the Infinite Intelligence”?

Pagantic Philosophy by Joy Andrews


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