Infinite Intelligence

If I Could Write An Historic Text

Having read many books, articles and novels, parts of the Bible and poetry, I have thought about how, if I could be one of the orignal scribes and return to earth in spirit, what would I change?  Here are a few ideas!

Ignorance is not a sin, it is a lack of knowledge.

Love thy neighbour, only if thy neighbour is worthy of your love. Never accept abuse as a given. Walk away.

I would replace the word sin with ignorance.

I would delete the word ‘whore’ from any text. It is a derogatory label.

Never mock the afflicted.

The brave shall inherit the earthly respect of the Infinite Intelligence.

The Universal Laws of energy are a given and not to be tampered with in any way shape or form.

Love is the one true navigator.

Never force your love onto another, only offer it. If it is rejected, accept the rejection.

Personal choice is a Universal Force.

Other peoples relationships need not to be discussed in public or interfered with. Love moves in mysterious ways!

Hate is angry love and needs to be channelled into growth and prosperity, not war, murder or any intentional harm to others.

Envy is a sign of weakness of character.

Respect yourself and others.

Love yourself before any other, otherwise your love for others is false and unobtainable.

Whatever you dislike and ridicule in others, is something about yourself you do not like and have disowned.

Embrace your imperfections, no person is perfect.

Perfection is an illusion.

History is always worthy of respect.

Ancient wisdom needs the respect it deserves.

Grandparents were once parents and learnt from their mistakes as parents.

No parent is perfect.

Mourning is one of the most painful experiences and needs to be respected, not feared.

Pain is an emotion, which can not be avoided.

Never intentionally inflict pain on a persons mind, body, spirit or soul. This is inhumane and unforgivable.

Love thy Nature.

Respect the choices of others lives. Only help them if they ask. If you do not agree, walk away.

Guidance is wisdom and worthy of seeking.

The past is to serve you briefly, not to enslave you.

Learning needs to be fun.

Every human being has their inner childs soul.

Ignore demonic thoughts, they are a trap!

Human power or dictatorship is an illusion. The Universal Infinite Intelligence, will always be triumphant!

Bullies are/were victims of being bullied by others and a sign of inferiority, weakness and fear.

Youth is not wasted on the young, it is what it is.

Art is a cathartic release, therefore subjective.

Symbiosis is at the core of all that is universal.

Energy is as infinite as the universe.

The universe had no beginning and will have no end.

Believe in the impossible.

We are not alone in the multiverse.


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