Creative Flares

Reality vs Fiction

Have you ever felt like you have been taken down the Disney ‘Alice In Wonderland’ rabbit hole, against your free will?  Alice was presented with a map at the beginning of her adventure, where human determination was presented before her. She continually said “but this is my dream”.  That is obviously a metaphor for her life story and the wonders of the Universal Laws, which have been creatively expanding, since the beginning of time!

Life is for our own will to determine, not the will of others. Many Prophets, fake and real, have known about The Secret, which is no longer a secret. The Law of Attraction and Cause and Effect are without doubt, universal displays of the ultimate power of creation.

I do not believe we are alone in the universe, it would be arrogant to think that we ‘earth people’ are the only intelligent life force in creation.  One thing I know for certain is this, the Infinite Intelligence of Divine Providence is the most magnificent of all creation.  It is our guiding light and always will be. I have no doubt whatsoever, that the force of creativity will always be with me!


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