Divine Encounters of The Angelic Kind!

Angels, Demons and Divine Intervention.

Having read, encountered and pondered the world of Spirituality, which I have to say, has been an incredibly painful and yet amazing journey, I encountered many marvels within the spiritual realms of possibilities and opportunities.  I have been overwhelmed to the extent of becoming tearful as The Infinite Intelligence of Divine Providence guided me toward the path of Love and Light.

I read how maybe some angels had fallen, but then considered that maybe they hadn’t!  Realising that all of the Angels have been assisting people for thousands of years, I considered that maybe as the population on planet earth has increased tremendously, since the dawning of mankind, that perhaps they were just completely overwhelmed and maybe even exhausted.  Maybe the demands of modern man, whom call upon them every second of every day, have completely exhausted their abilities to cope in this modern/new world. Let us also consider Jesus and his family in this matter!

I read a quote from Spiritual Awakening on Twitter, which said how we die many times throughout our lives on earth and maybe we have to change in order to evolve into the potential that the human mind has to transport us into a brighter new tomorrow. If we exhaust all resources on planet earth, including Angelic Guidance, what else will there be?

Our options are becoming scarce. Our minds are becoming exhausted by too much input and technological information. What is our only means of escapism…well, in my honest opinion, we can reflect back over ancient civilisations and ask how they expressed their experiences? The answer has been provided, by cave paintings,  magnificent architecture, paintings, music, literature, poetry, all  of which come from the talents we all possess in one way, shape or form…through the means of Art and Creativity. The divinity moves in mysterious ways!

Our Father…which Art in heaven!


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