Creative Writing

‘To Be or Not To Be a Messenger’….that is the question?’

So much talk about Archangels and unusual mysterious events recently, I just had to put my fingers to the keyboard and consider my futuristic options!  Decisions, decisions, choices and responsibilities; pfft…heading for the cliche bucket….’nobody said life would be easy’!

During my research, I discovered Jesus said he came from a different world…hmmmm…interesting thought!

Back to the question…To be or not to be a messenger?

Here are my choices – do I choose option A) = remain a human being and be amongst the Infinite Intelligence that have the gift of God a Bachelor of Honour and PhD Degrees in mass destruction of its own species and environment; or do I go for option B) = become an Angel from the Universal Infinite Intelligence of the Divine Providence and want to save the planet and live amongst a species who do NOT want to kill or abuse each other and really love the miracle of Mother Nature, their families and friends, homes and community, here on the beautiful Planet Earth.?

I will always remain sane and my future is incredible, I am sure this they can see!

What option would you take?


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