Infinite Intelligence Dream Workshop


I often wonder where my head is

It does not seem to stop

If I ever want a thought to disappear

I put it in a bubble, ready to pop

I keep my angel beside me

The Lord God up above

He is in the process of teaching me

The best people whom to love

He says I must be wise and very picky

Because Lovers can be quite tricky

They’re not always what they seem

But to go full steam ahead with my dream!

Archangel Gabriel Spiritual Workshop by Joy Andrews

In The Beginning Was The Short Story Teller

What Goes Around Comes Around – Therapeutic Short Story Telling

I have been reading  and researching about so many dysfunctional trends, that I needed to write a short story about them. Here goes….

Once upon a time The Lords messenger read and interpreted that The Illuminati are evil and led by Nazi thought processes, which are evil, boring and dysfunctional.  The Messenger of The Lord fed back this information to The Lord and spoke to his Archangel Gabriel regularly.

They each decided the best solution for the Nazi Illuminati was to put them ALL in a concentration camp and gas them! What goes around comes around saith The Lord. Yep. Short and sweet, this is The End of the Nazi Illuminati. YaY! Justice!

Archangel Gabriel Spiritual Workshop by Joy Andrews

The Plot That Was Never Lost!

A brand new year and my dreams are about to become reality!

Yes, I am living The Dream – thank The Lord!

Happy New Year To All…I’m off to write the plot that was never lost!

Archangel Gabriel Spiritual Workshop by Joy Andrews

Writing For Survival

The Meaning Of Words

I have been given a voice

For a valid reason

Twas not for gun plot

Nor for treason

Twas for my Lord

To have his say

Wishing each and every one

To have a nice day

His words can not come

Quick enough

So no need to snuff

His candle shines brighter

My pen is far mightier

The Lords words will never

Be put to bed

So under no circumstances

Should anyone say

Enough said

I have an addiction

An addiction to write

I can not be bothered

To fuss or fight

The fighters are losers

The writers are victors

This world is too small

For mindless dictators

I am a woman, a woman of mirth

I am a woman, the one who gives birth

To words

I do not care who listens or reads

I only truly care about

The mouths that I can feed.

Love Is A Four Letter Word

Archangel Gabriel Spiritual Workshop by Joy Andrews

When The Saint Comes Marching In

Angels With Saintly Messages

Halt…who goes there?

You need not have to say

So stop your worrying woman

For Santa is on his way

All you need to think about

Is having a wonderfully peaceful

And many many very happy days!

Archangel Gabriel Spiritual Workshop by Joy Andrews

I’ve Gotta Have Faith

Faith Gives A Little Whisper

When the Infinite Intelligence

Whispers in my ear

The Lord tells me not to worry

And to have no fear

For all of his angels are beside me

To bring good cheer

To help me to remain who I Am

Each and every year

For The Lord gives his love to me

He will always stay

Especially when I do things

My infinitely intelligent…

Exceptionally creative way!

Guardian Angel Gabriel Spiritual Workshop by Joy Andrews